The new AI tool for small businesses

Plus: Klaviyo's new AI features

Hey there! Are you disclosing when your ads or ad images are AI-generated? If not, you might want to start: In a study led by Publicis Media, AI disclosures led to a 73% rise in ad trustworthiness and a 96% jump in overall brand trust. The takeaway? Get experimental with the new AI advertising tools—just remember to keep your customers clued into your process.

Google Is Bringing Advanced AI to Advertisers

Last Thursday, Google announced that it will integrate its Gemini AI models into its existing advertising products.

  • Advertisers will now be able to use Gemini’s powerful AI within Performance Max, a Google product that optimizes ad placement across Google’s services (including YouTube).

  • Brands can use Gemini models within Performance Max to generate ad headlines of up to 90 characters. Soon, the AI will also be able to generate sitelinks.

  • Plus, Google is upgrading its Google Ads image generation tool to allow brands to create lifestyle images that include people.

GoDaddy Unveils AI Tool for Small Businesses

This week, GoDaddy launched Airo, a new AI solution specifically built for small businesses.

  • With just a simple business description, Airo will be able to generate a domain name, website, and professional email account for new small businesses.

  • The tool can also be used to support existing businesses: It can generate logos, comprehensive email campaigns, social media calendars, and search engine ads from a simple text description.

  • According to GoDaddy, small businesses that use the company’s AI tools generate 28% more sales.

Jasper Acquires Stability AI’s Clipdrop


Jasper, an AI copilot for enterprise marketing teams, has acquired Stability AI’s image creation and editing platform, Clipdrop.

  • According to Jasper, Clipdrop will add multimodal capabilities to its existing AI copilot—giving marketing teams the ability to develop new formats of creative content.

  • Timothy Young, CEO of Jasper, said that this acquisition will allow enterprises to “achieve more personalized marketing, better-informed automation, and improved optimization across their entire strategy.”

Klaviyo Launches a Suite of AI Features

Yesterday, marketing tech company Klaviyo unveiled Klaviyo AI—a suite of AI features designed to help businesses drive growth.

  • The new features use AI to create detailed audience segments, generate email content, and optimize web forms to increase conversion rates.

  • Klaviyo AI’s capabilities also include predictive analytics, product recommendations for individual customers, and A/B testing for sign-up forms, campaigns, flows, and more.

  • The AI features integrate with over 300 platforms, so users can send targeted messages through SMS, email, and push notifications.

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  • Coach launches a new AI-inspired campaign featuring Lil Nas X.

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